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Search Engine Visibility

Internet marketing is not just for the gurus out there! The big players and advertisers, the web has grown in to a lot of smaller businesses “SME small to medium enterprises”, that can now afford the technology to design/develop Websites, host and sell products online within the e-commerce business arena. Internet marketing for the smaller business online can be a costly state of affairs! We all know the areas: PPC Pay Per Click, Adwords, search engine submission, SEO Search Engine Optimisat........ Read More

Search Engine Methodology

Search engine optimisation is one of the most powerful methods of getting your name and your business out to the world, but what is the best way to do that? No one's going to argue with the fact that putting your link at the top of a list of natural search results is a great way to get noticed, but no one really agrees on how to get it there. There are plenty of techniques, from directories to glossaries to article archives, but when it comes right down to it, you need a strategy, and a search e........ Read More

Are Search Engines Male Or Female?

More column inches have been written about how to please the search engines and persuade them to bestow favour on your website than almost any other internet-related topic. But as far as I know no-one has previously tried to understand their gender: do they behave more like a man, or more like a woman? Understand their gender can surely help us to gain a better insight into how to appeal to them. MSN is very clear: MSN is a man. Everything about MSN is straightforward: do the right thing an........ Read More

Is Search Engine Optimization Cost Effective?

Whenever I buy any Internet tool or service that is connected with my online businesses I always ask myself, will this particular good or service bring me enough additional revenue to pay for itself? In the language of marketing this is known as “return on investment” or ROI. It can also be called cost effectiveness. So what about search engine optimization (SEO)? Will I get a good return on my investment if I purchase these services? Before you can answer this question you have to look ........ Read More

Search Engine Placement - Most Overlooked Key

Good design, proper key word density, intuitive navigation, correct Meta tags and informative content are all important to achieving top search engine placement. Especially when it comes to real estate sites, they are almost devoid of one critical search engine element... Quality incoming links! Google, the acknowledged leading search engine, isn't looking so much at word density with its ranking algorithm, as at what other sites are linking to your firm’s site. Google relies primarily on lin........ Read More

Search Engine Marketing: In-house Or Outsource?

After recently being involved in recruiting staff for a number of search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimisation (SEO) solutions it has become apparent that there is an increasing variation of skill set within the search marketing industry in the UK, as well as an increasing amount of competition, each vying for the best people available in the industry. It has also become noticeable, by monitoring the UK recruitment boards, that many organisations are currently looking to bring........ Read More

Search Engine Marketing Company

What to Look for in a A Search Engine Marketing company or SEM company is one that can help you promote your website by increasing their popularity with the search engines. In order to do well in your business nowadays, you need to have an online presence--and not just any online presence. You must have a strong online presence. The reality is that most consumers are searching online for the products and services that our businesses offer. They are not looking in newspapers, or in the ye........ Read More

Why Give A Lot Of Thought On Search Engine Optimization

When you own a web business you have to be aware that a strong web presence and high brand respect means higher sales and increased profits. But if your website ranks beyond the top twenty positions in the search engine listings you have a small hope of getting people to check out your site. No matter how good your products are and how exciting and stunning your pages are, you won’t still be able to get the required traffic. There are essentially three ways for a customer to get to your site........ Read More

Seven Myths About Search Engines Demystified

Today there is a lot of information available on the web about how to get good search engine rankings, some information is good and some information is bad. Over the few years search engines have been around, some myths have developed. Some of these myths are actually just out dated techniques and some are misunderstandings because the web is such a new medium. Below I have explained the top seven myths I have seen floating around the net. $45 will get you #1 position This is my number........ Read More

I, Robot: How Do Search Engine Spiders And Robots Work?

Some internet surfers still hold on to the mistaken belief that actual people visit each and every website and then input it for inclusion in the search engine’s database. Imagine, if these were true! With billions of websites available on the internet and with a majority of these sites offering fresh content it will take thousands of people to achieve the tasks made by search engine spiders and robots – and even then they won’t be as efficient or as thorough. Search engine spiders and r........ Read More

Essentials Of Search Engine Optimisation Campaign

The search engine optimisation (SEO) process consists of designing, writing, and coding web pages to increase the likelihood that they will appear at the top of search engine results for targeted keyword phrases. Many so-called SEO experts claim to have reversed engineered search engine algorithms and use strategically created "doorway pages" and cloaking technology to maintain long-term search positions. Despite all of these claims, the basics of a successful search engine campaign have not cha........ Read More

Search Engine Rank: Google Page Rank Misconceptions - 2

Improved search engine rank is difficult enough to obtain without you having to trawl through all that has been written about Google Page Rank in order to find the truth. There are many misconceptions about Page Rank, and Part 2 of this article dispels the most common of them, the first being that Yahoo and MSN have their own version. In fact this is not so. Yahoo had a beta version of a ‘Web Rank’ visible for a while, ranking complete websites, but it is now offline. MSN has no equivalen........ Read More

Search Engine Optimisation - The Significance

From a small local business in a town to a big industry playing on an international platform, marketing has been a prime tool for any company or business to succeed. People started with using tools like write-ups, references, pamphlets and much more to convey their means or advertise themselves among a group. But now is a time where everything happens just on the click of your finger. And in this time is required marketing at the speed of light, marketing with niche concepts that are applied eve........ Read More

Search Engine Optimization Tips

How do you get the most out of your web site? Setting up and maintaining your web site isn't at all difficult, and if there is anything you need to learn you can find out everything you need to know on the Internet. Without too much effort and a lot of time, you can create a beautiful web site, filled with images and great content. So…how do you get people to visit your site? Just because you know that your web site is great, it doesn't mean that everyone else does. There are thousands up........ Read More

Search Engine Ranking

Everyone knows that top ranked sites get a lot of traffic, BUT is that because they are “top ranked” or is it because they get a lot of traffic that makes them top ranked? Which comes first the Chicken or the Egg? The eternal question, here’s a way to answer it, in relation to Search Engines anyway First, the major Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN, all have different formulas for calculating how they rank a site and these formulas are always changing so it’s impossib........ Read More


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